What is Screen Recording Software?

Sep 26, 2023
Screen Recording Software


Screen recording software is used to create videos that you can use in a variety of ways when you are creating and building an online business. 

There are different videos that you might create.  

Here are a few examples: 

  • Website Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Demonstration Videos
  • Instructional Videos
  • Sales Page Videos
  • Webinar Videos
  • YouTube Videos



Record your computer screen
You can use screen recording software to record anything you can see on your computer screen. 

Some examples are:  

  • Recording a presentation (Power Point, KeyNote, etc.)
  • Navigating a website
  • Using software
  • Recording an online meeting

Record yourself via your webcam
Besides recording your screen, you can also use screen recording software to record yourself, direct to camera using a web-cam.  This can be a standalone direct to camera video, or added as an overlay on what you are recording on your computer.  This is known as picture in picture.

Recording your Audio
When you are recording, screen recording software will record your audio as well to sync with what you are sharing on your computer screen. You should use an external microphone for the best audio quality.  When you set up the configurations of your screen recording software select the microphone you want to use or it will default to your internal microphone. 

Screen Recording Options
When you begin screen recording, you can record your entire screen, or record just a portion of your computer screen. 

Advanced Recording Feature: Green Screens
Some screen recording software programs give you the option to replace your background with an image or video.  For example, you can use an image of a fancy office, or the beach, etc. This is done by recording yourself with a green screen behind you. The screen recording software will replace your current background with the image or video that you upload.


Edit video and audio 
Most screen recording software allows you to edit the videos you’ve recording using the software, and videos that you upload that were created elsewhere.  You can use the editing feature to remove any sections of the video that you want to exclude.   

Add special effects
There are a lot of special effects that you can insert when editing your videos that will enhance the quality of your videos. 


  • Titles and text with different fonts, sizes and colors
  • Transitions
  • Arrows, lines, shapes
  • Images
  • Audio 
  • Music

Zoom In and Out
Most screen recording software allows you to zoom in and out on things you want to emphasis while editing your videos by changing the size or scale of the clips and images. 

When editing your videos you can use transitions to improve the flow of your videos.

Stock Library
Several screen recording software programs include access to stock video and image libraries that can be quickly imported into your videos.  

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Once you have recorded and edited your videos, it is time to share them. 

Export Video
Screen recording software allows you to export directly to your desktop using a variety of different settings.

Publishing Video 
Most screen recording software allow you to publish your video directly to platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. 

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