Selecting and Using Online Appointment Schedulers

Sep 26, 2023
Online Appointment Schedulers


If so, you may be ready to implement an appointment scheduling software into your online business.

What is Appointment Scheduling Software?
Appointment scheduling software makes it easy for your prospects and clients to schedule bookings (appointments) with you 24/7.   You'll cut down on time, increase productivity and will no longer have to exchange multiple emails or phone calls to schedule an appointment, or chase your clients to pay for your services. 

How do Appointment Scheduling Software solutions work? 
To use appointment scheduling software, you integrate it with your online calendar, create the different bookings you want to offer, set scheduling preferences and share your online scheduling calendar with prospects and clients.

When someone uses your online scheduling calendar, they can select the type of booking they want to schedule. They can view your real-time availability and self-book their own appointments. If the booking requires payment, it prompts them to pay prior to scheduling. The calendar will convert the appointment to their time zone and send them a confirmation that allows them to add the appointment to their calendar and reschedule or cancel the appointment if needed.  

How do Online Marketers use Appointment Schedule Software solutions?

You can use appointment scheduling software to make it easy to schedule appointments with your prospects and clients, and to charge for services such as coaching, consultations, live training sessions, group workshops, etc.

You can create custom client intake forms to collect everything you need to know about a client prior to booking an appointment. 

You can customize your calendar with your branding colors and embed your calendar on your website, landing pages, sales pages, and inside of digital products.

Click here to view the Appointment Scheduling listings on the Online Marketing Directory.

Customize your Bookings
When creating your bookings you can customize it specific to your needs and schedule for each booking type. 

  • Daily Booking Limit: You can choose a maximum on the number of bookings scheduled in a day.
  • Minimum Cutoff: Require a minimum amount of time before a booking can be scheduled.  For example, no appointments can be scheduled within the next 3 days.
  • Booking durations: Preset the duration of time for the different bookings you offer.
  • Cutoff Bookings: Block days and times on your calender to prevent bookings.
  • Approve Bookings: Decide if you want to approve bookings before they are confirmed.
  • Max Cutoff: Set a max cutoff of days in advance to show availability.  For example, no appointments can be scheduled more than 30 days in advance.
  • Booking Buffers: You can add buffers (padding) to each booking that adds extra time before and after your bookings.

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Appointment Scheduling Software solutions offer integrations with popular sales and marketing software

Appointment Scheduling Software solutions generally provide native integrations with popular sales and marketing software to provide additional scheduling features.   

  • Calendars: Sync your calendar(s) with Google, Outlook, Office 365, iCloud calendars, etc 
  • Online Meetings: Include online meeting rooms for your appointments like GoToMeetings, Zoom, etc.
  • Accounting:  Integrate your accounting software like Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Xero, etc. to track your paid bookings.
  • Payment Processors:  Integrate with popular payment processors like Stripe or PayPal so you can collect payments for bookings.
  • Email Service Providers:  Integrate with Email Service Providers like MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, or ConvertKit  to add your clients to your email list. 

Most appointment scheduling software solutions integrate with Zapier so you can integrate with additional sales and marketing tools.

If you feel you are ready to use an appointment scheduling solution in your business, spend some time reviewing the appointment scheduling software vendors in the directory.  

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